Taking an online class this fall? Heads up!

Get off to a smooth start in your online class this fall.  Put a few of these dates on your calendar:

  • The first day of class.  Online courses with OL section codes (OL followed by a number) and hybrid courses with HY section codes all start on September 27th.  But watch out!  Online courses with ONL section codes start a week earlier, on the 20th.  Check your schedule to find out if you have one of these early-start courses.  (Tip: be sure you’re looking at the section code, not the code for the location of the course.)  Another difference is that the deadline to drop and get a 100% refund for an ONL section is September 26th, the day before other classes begin.
  • The day your “virtual classroom” opens.  You can log into your class a week ahead of the first day of class.  And you should!  That way you can read the syllabus, figure out how to navigate around the “classroom,” and fix any technical problems with your login ahead of time.  Go to the eLearning page of Whatcom’s web site and click the Angel Login button.
  • On-campus orientation sessions.  Join a small group for a demo of how online courses work, then give it a try yourself.  Here’s the schedule.  See you there!
Date Time   Location
September 13 5:00pm   HNR 104
September 17 3:00pm   HNR 104
September 21 3:00pm   HNR 104
September 24 5:00pm   HNR 104
September 25 9:00am   HNR 104
September 26 3:00pm   HNR 104
September 28 10:00am   HNR 108
October 1 1:00pm   KUL 207

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