WAOL Online Classes Start Today

Online courses with a section code of “ONL” (also known as WAOL online courses) start today, a week ahead of other online and campus courses.  If you’re registered in one of these courses, go to the eLearning page of Whatcom’s web site and click the Angel Login button to get access to your “virtual classroom.”  To log in to Angel, you’ll use your student ID number as your username and the first five letters of your last name (all the letters, if your name has fewer than five) as your password.
If you have technical problems, contact the Student Help Desk at studenthelpdesk@whatcom.ctc.edu.  For other questions, write to Leslie Clark at advise@whatcom.ctc.edu.
Today is also the last day to register for any online class with the “ONL” section code.  If you register today, you’ll have access to the class tomorrow, after overnight communication between our registration system and the WAOL course system.
Keep an eye on the extra-early deadlines for dropping a WAOL course for a tuition refund.  For a 100% refund, the deadline is September 26th.  For a 40% refund, it’s October 8th.

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