Blueslips and Waitlists

Now that fall classes are underway, you might hear people talk about waitlists and blueslips. Lets take a moment to demystify a few things.

If you registered for a class that was full prior to the first day, you were likely placed on a waitlist. As others dropped the class you moved up on that list. If a space became available you were automatically registered for the class (as long as it happened before the first day of school). 

If you are still on the waitlist, go to class. You will no longer automatically move up the waitlist into an open space after the first day. In order to get off that waitlist and into the class you will need to get a signed blueslip from the instructor. Only instructors can give you a blueslip and only their signature will allow you to register. Take that slip, sign it, turn it into Registration and !abracabrashazam! you are in the class. 

It is important to note that not all instructors will be able to give you a blueslip. Some classes, lab classes in particular, have finite resources. Over enrolling is not feasible in some cases. Instructors make it a priority to take on as many students as possible without compromising the quality of instruction.

Up until now we have only been talking about classes that are full. Up until October 2nd, you can register for any class that is still open using a standard enrollment form (found at Registration or Entry and Advising) or through OASIS as long as you meet the necessary prerequisites.

If you have any other questions about open or closed classes, your current schedule, or placement on a waitlist please check OASIS or stop by Entry and Advising (Laidlaw 116). A Drop In advisor can get you pointed in the right direction.


One thought on “Blueslips and Waitlists

  1. Another useful tip for the first week is to visit OASIS and print your current schedule. Room changes happen. By printing a new schedule you can catch these changes and avoid showing up to the wrong class.

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