College Grads Need to Interview the Job?

There’s a lot of complaining among recent college grads…about the current job market. Yes, it’s bleak compared with what it’s been in the past. And, no, there isn’t the same return on investment that a college degree once guaranteed. But those are largely forces out of an individual graduate’s control. What college grads can control is how they interview for jobs or, better put, how they interview the job. – The Gallup Blog: College Grads Need to Interview the Job.

Dropping a class, hoping for a refund?

We’re at that point in the quarter where you need to make the decision about dropping a class if you want any of your tuition refunded. You can still get a 40% refund, but if you’re in a WAOL online class, you need to take action by tomorrow, October 10th. For all other classes, the deadline is next Tuesday, October 16th.