2012-2013 Student Success & Advising Handbook

Greetings campus community and welcome to Fall!  The newly released 2012-2013 Student Success & Advising Handbook is now available in electronic (PDF) format!  Click here for a copy.   

IMPROVED CONTENT AND FORMAT:  Over the past 2 years, the handbook has undergone significant content and formatting revisions  It now includes expanded sections on student success, educational planning, getting involved in campus programs and activities, college policies, and a glossary of common terms.   

PRINTED COPIES: Students, faculty, and staff can stop by the Entry & Advising Center (LDC 116) to pick up individual copies.  Please note that hard copies are going quickly, so stop by soon.


One thought on “2012-2013 Student Success & Advising Handbook

  1. This handbook is not just a planner filled with dry policy.

    There are pages of resources for students, information on online courses, methods for keeping you from getting overloaded, an explanation on how to calculate your GPA , a guide on how to cite sources and even maps of every building on campus. If you read this once and keep it for reference, you’ve got a jumpstart on your classmates.

    If you do it before the end of next week you may even have a jump on some of us in Entry and Advising!

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