Go Fish!


CollegeFish.org brings together community college students, admission counselors, advisors, administrators and scholarship partners  to encourage and support students as they prepare to transfer and obtain a bachelor’s degree.

On October 17th in Syre 107/108, Jennifer Blalock, Director of CollegeFish.org  will be coming to WCC from Jackson, Mississippi promote our new advisor and student transfer tool. There will be food and prizes to supplement the learning experience! 

Here is what CollegeFish Does:CollegeFish.org matches community college students to colleges and universities, assists with scholarship searches, provides direct access to four-year universities and even tracks admission and financial aid deadlines.

If you are interested in attending, Please RSVP Now!


3 thoughts on “Go Fish!

  1. I was expecting the video to be about Go Fish, instead it’s about designing and purchasing your own Land Rover. I appreciate the positive thinking, but I’m guessing this wasn’t the video you wanted to attach.
    Go Fish info should be helpful as most students are going to be looking for any bit of financial assistance and academic direction to pursue their dreams.

    • Heather, what video are you referring to? The fish image should just take you to the post in the blog. The RSVP link should take you to a Survey Monkey survey to register for the event. Is anyone else getting a Land Rover commercial?

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