The Retraining Roundtable

The Retraining Roundtable is a community of adult learners retraining for new careers through higher education.
Weekly meetings consist of open forums and active training. Open forums generate student voice, social connections, and group learning. Active training sessions seek to maximize learning by directly engaging multiple learning styles and will focus on:
College Navigation and Success
Career Development Through Education

Facilitators are adult educators from WCC Student Services, qualified to provide direct and immediate response to member needs as they arise including training, resources, and problem solving.

Meetings are held Mondays in Cascade 110 from 2:30-4:30. Membership is by self-identification. If you are here at Whatcom to make your education work for your career, you are a welcome member.

Upcoming Active Training Topics 

November 19th:  Deconstructing the Job Announcement
November 26th:  The Anatomy of a Resume
December 3rd:    Interview Puppetry

For more information please contact:
Brian Davidson
Entry & Advising LDC 116

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