Entry and Advising @ Orca Day, June 5th

orca_dayComing to Orca Day on June 5th?

Between all of the food and fun, make sure to stop by the Entry and Advising table.

We will have a  big spinning wheel and a small pool with fake fishes floating around. No fake fish will be harmed in any of our promotional activities, but if you participate there may be prizes like: WCC water bottles, mugs, all kinds of apparel, music headphones, umbrellas, key chains—and lots of summer prizes too, like flip-flops, gym tote bags, Hawaiian leis, sunglasses, etc

There will also be orange creamsicle cupcakes and lemonade and an application for a $500.00 scholarship from COLLEGEFISH.ORG that can only be picked up at our booth!

That’s right $500, cupcakes, and swag!  Sweet.

So stop by, and while you are there learn the Top 10 Reasons to Attend Summer Quarter @ Whatcom including online courses, learning contracts (for students who might be busy with summer jobs, are away from campus, etc), co-ops, internships, summer financial aid info, etc.


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