Fall Tuition Due Date August 27th

Are you registered for fall 2013 classes? We wanted to send a quick reminder that the first tuition due date is Tuesday, August 27th. That is next week! After this date if your tuition is not paid, you may be dropped from these classes for non-payment. This can be frustrating as you will have to re-register, and risk losing space in the classes you want.

Please go to OASIS and check your schedule before the 27th to make sure there is no balance due. If there is, you can pay online. Online Payment hours are Monday – Friday: 7am – 9:30pm and all weekend starting Saturday 7am.

If you cannot afford to pay the entire tuition up front, you might want to consider paying using WCC’s New Payment Plan System using a third-party called Nelnet.

If you are expecting Financial Aid to cover the tuition costs, please make sure to visit the Financial Aid Portal to ensure that your award is in place.

This tuition due date is only for students that registered for classes through August 27th. If you register for classes after this date you will be expected to pay for those classes prior to the next tuition due date. Please consult the Registration Calendar for more information on tuition due dates.

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