Nursing Program Changes Application Requirements and Scoring

The Nursing program has revised application requirements and scoring. Effective Fall 2014 (and applications due Spring 2014),

  • ALL prerequisite classes must have a grade of 3.0 (‘B’) or higher. This is an increase from the current requirement of 2.7 (‘B-‘)
  • Applications will be granted an additional 0.25 points for a prior degree or for any military veteran with an honorable discharge. This is an ‘either / or’ score, not cumulative. I.e. – someone with a prior degree and an honorable discharge, may be granted 0.25 points.
  • Personal statements will continue to be given a score between 0 and 20, and then used as a tiebreaker, when needed.
  • The seven prerequiste classes have not changed.
If a student intends to apply in Spring of 2014 to start the Nursing program in the Fall of 2014, prerequisite classes with a grade below 3.0, must be taken during Fall or Winter quarters.

Please contact Entry & Advising to discuss your unique situation.


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