For a Career With Ideals


Wait!? You want to make a difference and you want to have a career?

Well, have that cake and can eat it with your hands with

This website is a pretty sweet tool for that up-and-coming revolutionary. You can search for socially engaged Jobs, Volunteer Opportunities, Internships, Direct Action, and Events nationally or locally. If you are really serious you can also develop your own profile.

Getting a start in a socially conscious career can be tough, but with this site, you can start building your grassroots resume and do some good right now. You don’t have to wait until you earn that prized degree BA in Social Inequity.

You don’t have to want to change the world to use You may be a bookkeeper that just wants to count the change for an ethical organization. These opportunities are waiting as well.

Here are some cool things I found in our backyard:

Garden and Kitchen Program Intern (Green Plate Special)

YES! Magazine Online Reporting Internship

Art with Heart, Program Intern

Food Resources Program Assistant (Solid Ground)

Field Trip Program Coordinator (Center for Wooden Boats)


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