Literature Classes This Spring!


English 113: Introduction to Poetry                                                  

MW 5:10-7:30                             Instructor: Ron Leatherbarrow

This class provides an introduction to understanding, appreciating, and enjoying poetry in English.  Whether you’re brand-new to reading poetry or have loved it for years, you’ll feel right at home.

English 138: Gender and Literature

WCC OL                                     Instructor: Anna Wolff

What do great writers from Shakespeare’s day to the present have to say about the tangled web of sex, love, and power that enmeshes us all?  Come learn how gender weaves through the history, theory, and art of literature.

English 150: Introduction to British Literature

MWF 9:30-11:00                         Instructor: Tara Hughes

Come explore the literary heritage of the British Isles. This quarter we’ll explore some of the most enduring works in the English language, from the ancient epic Beowulf and the medieval romance Sir Gawain and the Green Knight to the late Victorian novel Dracula. We’ll encounter Renaissance and Romantic poetry along the way!

English 161: Introduction to American Literature

TuTh 5:10-7:30                           Instructor: Jeremy Voigt

Discover the panorama of American literature! This course introduces students to a diverse range of works in several literary genres.  We will study major themes that are significant to American cultural history and national identity.

English 258: Major British Authors: Tolkien

MWF 11:30-12:55                        Instructor: Amy Amendt-Raduege

What does it take to make a world?  We’ll explore Tolkien’s process of mythmaking, from the humble Hobbits to the lofty Elves, from Dwarves to Dragons.  We’ll work as Tolkien did: starting from Beowulf, students will read The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and the unfinished tales of The Silmarillion.

For more information on the content of these classes, please feel free to contact the instructors directly. You can search for their contact information using the Faculty Directory


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