Last Day to Drop without a “W”

The Last Day to Drop without a “W” on your transcript is April 28th. W

What is a “W” anyway?

“W” means you officially withdrew from a class. After the 20th day of the quarter this “W” stays on your transcript. If you drop before this date the class and “W” do not show up.

…but what does a “W” mean?

Well, first a “W” does not impact your GPA. It means that you attempted the class, but did not complete it. Universities look less favorably at transcripts with many “W” classes. It makes sense because it seems to indicate that the student cannot complete what they start or that they tend to overload themselves.

Since this counts as an “attempt” for Financial Aid, too many W’s could lead to financial aid probation and even termination just like a bunch of F’s would.

As always, if you are thinking about dropping a class, the first thing to do is to speak with your instructor. You are always welcome to come into drop in advising in LDC 116 as well, and we can help you problem solve. If you are a Financial Aid recipient, you should also visit their office and consult with an expert there before dropping a class.


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