Work Study in Entry & Advising

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If you are eligible for Financial Aid and are in need of some on campus work, we have some great opportunities for Work Study in the Entry & Advising office. Please click on the links below for the job descriptions.

Entry & Advising Office Assistant: This position is responsible for direct customer service at the Entry & Advising front desk. It is preferred that the candidate be a current or former student of EDPL100.

Worker Retraining & Passport to College Support Associate: This position provides direct office support to the program coordinator of programs that serve dislocated workers and former foster youth.

Career Center Office/Education Assistant

Work Study Employment
Work Study programs provide jobs for students to assist them in meeting their educational expenses. Efforts are made to provide employment related to career interests. Placement can be made in either an on-campus position or an off campus position (with non-profit or for-profit employers). Early applicants who indicate an interest in work study will receive a work-study award. Students who decide after the school year has started that they would like to participate in the work-study program should stop by the financial aid office to see if there is still work study funding available. A work study award is only an estimate of what you might earn if you are hired, work, and submit monthly time sheets. A work-study award cannot pay tuition and fees. To qualify, you must be enrolled for at least half-time (6 credits).

On-Campus Work Study Procedures: On-campus work study position openings are posted on the display located in the Financial Aid Office. The majority of on-campus positions are clerical, often requiring computer and interpersonal skills. In addition, there are some library, custodial, maintenance, and other positions available. Most positions range from 6-12 hours per week.

  1. Determine if you meet the qualifications as listed on the job opening position announcement.
  2. Request a “On-campus Work Study Application” form from the Financial Aid Office.
  3. Schedule an interview with the supervisor as listed on the job opening position announcement. Phone number and supervisor’s location is listed on the announcement.
  4. Supervisors will notify you if you are selected for the position.
  5. If hired, complete required payroll forms at the Human Relations office.
  6. Students are paid monthly at the current hourly pay rate of $10.83. Paychecks are mailed directly to students.

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