June 2nd is the last day to…..

….Officially withdraw from classes

…Change the grading criteria to Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory

…or audit a class.

Here is the thing…..The only reason to take any action by this date is if you are struggling  with any of your classes. 

Withdrawing from Classes

Some students find that they may need to drop a class. If you do this on paper or online then it is considered an official withdrawal and you receive a “W” on your transcript instead of a grade. This “W” does not count against your GPA, but it does show an unsuccessful attempt at the class which may have repercussions for financial aid, academic transfer, and academic satisfactory progress.

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading

Other folks may feel that they want to continue in the class, but the pressure of the standard A-F grading system is too much  and they want to switch to S/U, or pass/fail. This grading system does not impact GPA either. However, choosing S/U may impact transfer. Also, if the class is a prerequisite S/U grading may impact your ability to take the next class in a sequence.

Audit a Class

Still other students feel that pass/fail is too much, but they still want to keep their seat in the class so they can get the information and perhaps take the class later. This is considered a class audit. In this scenario, the audit does not impact GPA, but it is an unsuccessful attempt for financial aid.

In any case, June 2nd is the last day for you to choose any of these alternate options. There is a lot to weigh, so please find some time to come see us in Entry and Advising before you make any rash decisions. And, as always it is the best policy to see if you can work things out with your instructor first.



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