Mythbusters- The Financial Aid Edition Part II

I hope you enjoyed Part I of this special Mythbusters- Financial Aid Edition posting. Now you can continue to test your knowledge by completing part II of the true/false quiz. Be aware that now is the time to apply for financial aid for the 2018-17 school year and applications are still being accepted for the current school year. Visit the Financial Aid webpage for more information or stop by their office in LDC 135. And now, here’s the rest of the quiz.
True or False?
1. Financial aid awards vary in amount from individual to individual.
2. You should make use of financial aid money any way you like.
3. The Pell grant award can’t go on forever.
4. My financial aid award at WCC won’t follow me after I transfer.

1. True- Financial awards are based on a combination of personal applicant information like household size and income level.
2. False- Although your award payouts are not monitored, financial aid is intended for school related costs such as tuition, books, and living expenses, not or parties or road trips! The money you’re awarded is finite- you can’t receive aid indefinitely, so use it wisely.
3. True- Pell grant awards are limited to six years of full-time attendance, or the equivalent o six years if you’re only attending part-time, so don’t spend your award on Freeminum in-app purchases!
4. True- You can’t technically transfer your aid to another school, but your FAFSA can be submitted to up to ten schools. Be sure to follow up early with finacial aid advisors at the institution you plan to attend.

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