Mythbusters- The Financial Aid Edition Part II

I hope you enjoyed Part I of this special Mythbusters- Financial Aid Edition posting. Now you can continue to test your knowledge by completing part II of the true/false quiz. Be aware that now is the time to apply for financial aid for the 2018-17 school year and applications are still being accepted for the current school year. Visit the Financial Aid webpage for more information or stop by their office in LDC 135. And now, here’s the rest of the quiz.
True or False?
1. Financial aid awards vary in amount from individual to individual.
2. You should make use of financial aid money any way you like.
3. The Pell grant award can’t go on forever.
4. My financial aid award at WCC won’t follow me after I transfer.

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Mythbusters- The Financial Aid Edition, Part I

There’s a lot of misconceptions and misinformation about financial aid so in this post, we’re going to bust the most common myths.  Now is the time to apply for financial aid for the 2018-19 school year but applications for the current school year are still being accepted.  Test your financial aid knowledge by completing the true/false quiz.  Scroll down for the answers.  Look for Part II of Mythbusters- The Financial Aid Edition next week.

True or False? 

  1. You must be a full-time student to receive financial aid.
  2. You need to fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).
  3. Late applications will still be accepted.
  4. Once your FAFSA’s filled out, you’re done.
  5. You can’t fill out the FAFSA if you haven’t completed your most recent tax return.

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The Blog is Back!

Welcome to the revitalized Career and Advising Blog!  Connect here to engage in conversations about all things academic and career.  The blog will also serve as an information source for academic and career resources, financial aid and scholarship info, as well as important deadlines and campus events.  You will also find links to topics and resources of interest and postings by the occasional guest blogger.  Friend us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, sign up for email updates, and be sure to leave a comment.  Let us know what you think as the roll out continues.

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40% Refund Deadline Approaching


Monday July 11th is the 40% refund deadline for summer quarter classes. Withdraw by this date in order to receive 40% of your tuition back! Contact Entry and Advising in Laidlaw 116, or by calling 360.383.3080 to schedule an appointment with an advisor.

Remember that withdrawing can impact your financial aid, academic standing and more. Before dropping classes be sure to check with an advisor or financial aid representative!

100% Refund Deadline-Summer Quarter


Thursday June 30th marks the 100% tuition refund deadline for summer quarter. Withdraw from your class(es) by this day and you will receive 100% of your tuition back!

You can withdraw online via your MyWCC portal or in person at the registration office! Remember that withdrawing from classes my impact your financial aid. Check with an advisor or the financial aid office for more information.

Have any questions about your schedule or academic plan? Do you need to speak with an advisor? To schedule an appointment, call Entry & Advising at (360) 383-3080.

Summer Quarter Tuition Deadlines

tuition deadlines

Heads up! Know your summer quarter tuition deadlines so you aren’t dropped from your classes!

If you registered early for summer quarter (before June 20th), tuition is due Monday 6/20.

If you registered between June 20th and June 26th, tuition is due Monday 6/27.

If you register on or after Monday June 27th, your tuition is due the same day as registration.

Is your academic plan up-to-date? Have any questions about your schedule? Call Entry & Advising at 360.383.3080 to schedule an appointment with an advisor and stay on track to graduation!


Martin Family Foundation Honors Scholarship Program


UW Scholarship Opp

The Martin Family Foundation Honors Scholarship Program is now open for application! This scholarship is specifically for Washington state community college students who are transferring to the University of Washington. Students who have achieved academic excellence and plan to complete their degree at UW Seattle Campus are encouraged to apply.

Eligibility information:

  • “Applicants must be Washington State residents who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents and are currently attending or have attended a community college in the state of Washington.
  • Applicants must have earned a minimum of 36 credits at a Washington State community college by the time they matriculate at the University of Washington. Students who hold an associates degree are encouraged to apply.
  • Washington State community college transfer students who are currently enrolled at the University of Washington may not have earned more than 18 UW credits by the application deadline of Thursday, July  7, 2016.
  • The award will depend on successful admission to the University of Washington as a matriculated student.
  • The selection committee gives no consideration to an applicant’s gender, race, color, creed, or national origin.”

For complete scholarship information and application, click here.

Submit your application by the deadline on Thursday July 7, 2016!


Last Day to Update Grading or Withdraw


Tuesday May 31st marks the final day to update grading or withdraw from spring quarter classes! Stop by Registration in Laidlaw 102 to update Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory grading, Audit, or to Withdraw.

Remember: changing credit amount may impact your financial aid, so be sure to speak with a financial aid representative or advisor before dropping any classes.

Have any questions? Call Entry & Advising at 360.383.3080 to inquire about drop-in times or schedule an appointment with an advisor!

Last Day to Drop Without “W” on Record


Monday April 25th is the last day to drop your class without a “W” on your record! You can drop online, or visit the Registration Office in Laidlaw Center 102 to make that happen. Remember that dropping a class may impact your financial aid, so be sure to check with the financial aid office and an advisor before dropping!

If you have any questions regarding your academic plan, contact Entry and Advising  at 360.383.3080 to schedule an appointment!

Refund Deadline Approaching!


Heads-up! Spring quarter 40% refund deadline is approaching! You must withdraw from your class by Monday April 25th in order to receive 40% of your tuition back. This deadline applies to both WAOL and WCC spring quarter classes.

Call Entry & Advising at 360.383.3080 to schedule an appointment with an advisor, as withdrawing may impact your financial aid and your academic plan.